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Obtain Approvals

e-Proposal's Document Summary Sheet (DSS)

OSP reviews proposals after the internal routing process is completed using an e-Proposal generated Document Summary Sheet (DSS). e-Proposal is a system that provides for electronic preparation, review, submission and tracking of proposed research activity. The DSS is used to collect information about the proposed project and to document the necessary approvals.

Investigators or administrators can initiate the DSS in e-Proposal via Campus Information Systems (CIS). e-Proposal can be found under Research Administration.

If you are new to e-Proposal, please read the guidance documents found in the help section. A drop down menu provides links to the:

  • Administrator's Guide
  • Approver's Guide
  • User's Guide.

Items reviewed with proposals and collected through the DSS include the following:

After the PI approves the DSS it is automatically routed through the approval chain. Once the necessary permissions have been obtained, a link to the electronically approved DSS is sent to the selected Sponsored Projects Officer.

Your Sponsored Projects Officer reviews the DSS according to existing business processes and validates that the necessary approvals have been satisfied. If corrections are needed he/she can send it back to the preparer to revise and resubmit. No further approvals are needed upon resubmission as long as changes are not made to the PI or Financially Responsible Department. Once the submission is complete, the DSS's e-Proposal status should reflect Review Complete.

A DSS should be completed for all new proposals and submissions, including letters of intent and pre-proposals that require University authorization. A new DSS may also be required if:

  • There are any significant changes in the scope of work or research plan on an existing project
  • New assurances are required
  • There is a gap in the project period end date on an existing project and the start date on the supplemental award

If you have any questions or concerns about e-Proposal, please contact Isabella Johnsen. Questions about your proposed project can be directed to your Sponsored Projects Officer.

Last Updated: 11/30/22