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In order to meet federal requirements, we review all grant applications, along with University-required forms, before submission to the funding agency.

We provide a list of Institutional Information you may need to complete forms related to your proposals and awards.

OSP Forms:

Form Name Details
Document Summary Sheet (DSS) Initiated and submitted electronically through e-Proposal. Required for all proposals and submissions, including letters of intent and pre-proposals, that requires University authorization.

Preliminary Project Set Up and Ext Form (DOC) 

NOTE: Only use this form in the rare instance where the project is already in preliminary status and eAward will not allow you to initiate a new prelim.

Required via eAward to create a new project on a preliminary basis or extend an existing project on a preliminary basis. Please use the "Preliminary Project Setup Request" option under "Pre-Award Spending" to initiate either  1) a new prelim project or 2) extend an existing project on a preliminary basis.  **Submitting this form (paper or via eAward) does not automatically initiate an extension by OSP. Please let us know if you need assistance making a formal extension request.

Companion Project Set-up (PDF) This form has been integrated into eAward. The information is still required but the form is no longer needed to establish one or more companion projects.
Companion Project Re-budget Worksheet (XLS) Required to establish one or more companion projects post-award. If setting up companions at time of award, please just submit individual budgets using the OSP budget worksheet.

Letter of Intent to Establish a Subcontract with the University of Utah (DOC)


Optional to obtain at the proposal stage whenever collaboration with a subrecipient is proposed.

NOTE: To issue a subaward post-award, departments are required to request through eAward. At this time, the subrecipient will be required to complete the full subrecipient commitment information electronically.

Letter of Intent to Establish a Subaward with the University of Utah (DOC) - NSF Prime

Required to obtain at the proposal stage whenever collaboration with a subrecipient is proposed with NSF.

Letter of Intent to Subcontract (DOC) Recommended template when prime or pass-through institution requests University's stated intent to enter into subcontract negotiations upon award.
OSP Budget Worksheet (XLS) Provided to assist with budget creation with a single or escalating F&A rate. Template may not conform to sponsor guidelines; please check RFP.
FOR PLANNING/PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES ONLY OSP Budget Worksheet - Multi Rate (XLS) Provided to assist with budget creation with varying overhead rates. Template may not conform to sponsor guidelines; please check RFP.
Budget Calculator for Varying F&A Rates Provide to assist with budget creation and calculate the F&A during budget periods spanning two or more fiscal years with varying overhead rates.
Clinical Trials Budget Summary (XLS) Required to set up a clinical trials award.
Re-budget Worksheet (XLS) Recommended whenever reallocation of funds from one spending category to another is requested. Depending on the award terms and conditions, formal reallocation of funds may need to be pre-approved.
F&A Reduction/Waiver (XLS) Required post-award or post-DSS integration when a PI is requesting to waive or reduce F&A below the University's negotiated rate and the circumstances are outside the University's limited exceptions.
F&A Distribution Agreement (DOC) Required to state intended distribution of F&A across various colleges or departments when companion projects are not being used.
3rd Party Cost Share Commitment (DOC) University and 3rd Party compliance agreement governed by OMB A-110 Section 23. Required when 3rd party cost-share is proposed.

Cost Share Approval (XLS)


Required to request voluntary or mandatory cost share. The completed form must be attached in eProposal when the project is proposed. For guidance see Cost-Sharing.

Relinquishing Memo (DOC)

Required when an exiting PI requests transfer of an award to his/her new institution.

Carry-Forward Request (DOC)

Recommended template for University to request carry forward of funds

Change of PI form (DOC) Required to request a change of Principal Investigator.
Change of ORG ID Required via eAward modification to change the Org ID when the responsible department is changing but not rolling up to the same Chair/Division Head.
Sponsored Project vs External Sales Guidelines Questionnaire (Recharge Validation) (DOC) Guidelines to assist departments in making a determination regarding the administrative treatment of an externally funded activity (not a gift) when such treatment is not clearly indicated under existing University policies.

See also Agreement Templates and Other University Standard Form Contracts.

Last Updated: 4/17/23