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Institutional Transfers

Transfer of an award when the PI or project moves from one institution to another usually requires:

  • Prior approvals from the sponsor
  • Prior written approval from the University via the Relinquishing Memo (one per award)
  • Written approval/acceptance from new recipient institutional official(s)

All transfers begin at the institution the PI is leaving, and it is his/her responsibility to initiate the process. Prior to changing institutions, the PI must notify the granting agency and the exiting institution’s Office of Sponsored Projects (or equivalent).

Transfer in                 transfer out

Generally, it takes 90 days following the revised expiration date for the relinquishing institution to complete the close-out process. It can then take another 30-90 days for the award to be relinquished and for a new application to be submitted through the new institution. It can be another 2-3 months before a new award is made to the receiving institution. Overall, the process can take up to a year so it's important to review the process and work closely with both sponsored projects offices.

Last Updated: 12/1/22