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Institutional Transfers – Outgoing Faculty

When a PI takes up appointment at another institution and requests continued support for a previously approved project at the new institution, the sponsor determines what is required to accomplish this. NIH is the only federal agency that has explicit forms and instructions for the transfer process. NSF has a similar, more general process, and corporations and foundations have their own procedures.

Anyone wishing to transfer a grant or award should work with their exiting department to complete the University of Utah's Relinquishing Memo and send it to their Sponsored Projects Officer to be sure the transfer is processed correctly and timely.

Learn more about transferring a grant or award that involves the transfer of equipment. If the transfer involves lab animals, please contact IACUC to discuss updating your protocol. If the transfer involves biological materials, research media, or the like, please coordinate these arrangements directly with Technology Licensing.

For information on the NSF or NIH transfer processes see below.

If the sponsor's conditions or other programmatic or administrative requirements are not met, the sponsor may disapprove the request and, if appropriate, terminate the award.

Last Updated: 11/7/23