Agreement Templates

Many University activities involve some element of contracting with organizations and institutions outside the University. It is important for contracts to be developed and managed in ways that maximize benefits to the University, minimize unintended consequences and enable the University to fulfill its contractual obligations, legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.

We have provided templates of several standard agreements for sponsored projects that require guidance from Sponsored Projects Officers when being used:

Upon receipt of a Document Summary Sheet (DSS), we will assist with drafting, review, negotiation and execution. Even though an agreement may be entered into in relation to an individual area (e.g. PI, college, institute), it is ultimately a University agreement and should only be signed by a University authorized official.

Other University Standard Form Contracts

Several University departments also maintain different standard form contracts (or contract "templates") for use by faculty and staff.

The following standard form contracts can be downloaded below.

Form Name Details
Independent Contractor Services Agreement (DOC) Used to contract for professional services, independent contractors and/or consulting.
Consulting Agreement (DOC) Used to establish personal agreements for individual consulting. See also Consulting Guidelines.
Scholarship/​Fellowship Agreement Used to pay recipients of scholarships and fellowships. Contact Accounts Payable.
Guest Lecturer/​Performer Agreement (PDF) Used to pay guest lecturers and performers.
Materials Transfer Agreement Used to transfer materials from one institution to another. TVC provides detailed information on MTA's and will provide assistance preparing an appropriate agreement.
Visiting Scientist Agreement (DOC) Used between visiting scientists and the University TVC to ensure intellectual property disclosures.
Business Confidentiality Claim Form (DOC) OGC form recommended for funding partners that want to provide the University with a written claim of business confidentiality with respect to the entity's confidential property that it shares with the University.
Clinical Training Agreement Standard pre-approved health care clinical training agreements.


Last Updated: 4/5/17