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Fringe Benefits Rates

Investigators/departments have the option of using either the recommended rates established by the HR Benefits Department (below) or the actual fringe benefit rates. OSP recommends each department calculate the actual rates and apply those to their proposal budgets.  

Recommended Estimates:


Full-Time Faculty
(assumes $100k salary)
45% 37%
Full-Time Staff
(assumes $30k salary)
98% 72%
Post-Doc with Retirement
(assumes $40k salary)
79% 59%
Post-Doc without Retirement
(assumes $40k salary)
65% 45%
Part-Time Limited Benefits
(Grads, Undergrads, & Part-Time any salary)
9% 9%

The fringe benefit percentage rates above (effective July 1, 2022) are suggested estimates, established by the University, in order to simplify the preparation of proposal budgets. These may not be the actual rates assessed upon award. See the detailed schedule provided by the HR Benefits Department.

Actual rates can be used when preparing proposal budgets, since those are the dollar amounts that will be charged to the projects. However, departments must be able to document actual benefit rates when those are used in the proposal, and should be prepared to provide this documentation to sponsors as requested.  

If you have questions or need assistance in determining the rate to use, please contact the HR Benefits Department.

Last Updated: 12/1/22