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Research Portal 2.0

Research Portal is OSP's sponsored activity management tool. Accessed through Campus Information Systems (CIS), Research Portal allows faculty and staff to self-generate customized, real-time reports of sponsored activity.

Key features of Research Portal include:

  • Queries for generating proposal and award activity reports
  • Customizable reporting
  • Integration with eProposal and Management reports provides real-time status of proposals and awards
  • Various filters for sorting data by college, department, principal investigator (PI), and sponsor
  • Facilitation of collaboration opportunities

Research Portal provides information on awards and proposals by PI, department, or college. Amounts, dates, updates, and status can be viewed quickly and easily.

There may be some inconsistencies, particularly on projects that are running on no-cost extensions. You may need to reconcile some end dates, budget allocation revisions, etc. with other reports.

Research Portal 2.0 provides convenient links to Management Reports. Simply click on the link to the project to see the most current post-award data, including end dates.

Individual access to PeopleSoft data, which is used to generate these reports, is based on your current Management Reports security levels.

Research Portal 2.0 User Guide

Research Portal 2.0 can be accessed through the CIS. Once you log in, scroll down to the "Research Administration" section on the left sidebar and select the link titled "Research Portal 2.0" to launch the application:

Research Portal 1

The new landing page for Research Portal 2.0 auto loads a report based on your uID to display your individual Proposals and Awards (via tab views):

Research Portal 2

 The search features allow you to filter by uID, sponsor, department and date ranges:

 Research Portal 3

Search results can be organized with the new "Configure Column" feature that allows you to toggle on and off the display of select data elements:

Research Portal 4

 You can also download your report to Excel for further refinement.

Last Updated: 12/1/22