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OSP will draft/review and negotiate incoming and outgoing agreements associated with an active or anticipated sponsored project. A Document Summary Sheet (DSS) number* is required to process each request unless its for a DCC fee-for-service type activity.

 *The eProposal status for an anticipated sponsored project can be 'In Progress'; OSP does not require approvals at this stage. Please simply reference the DSS number so that OSP can begin review of your request. 

If your request is not associated with an active or anticipated sponsored project, it will be reviewed and negotiated by Technology LicensingTo submit a request to the Technology Licensing Office (TLO), please visit the Faculty/Staff Portal and use the Submit Agreement Request option.

Industry Clinical Trial Agreements

For all other sponsored project types, please complete the appropriate form below.


Upon receipt of each request, we will confirm that your request includes a DSS number and corresponds to an active or anticipated sponsored project. Once verified, we will review and respond within 5 business days. OSP will assist with drafting, review, negotiation and execution. If you have questions about the process (not related to industry clinical trials), please contact Miriam Allen.

Last Updated: 2/9/24