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Transfer of Equipment

A grant or award transfer may involve the transfer of equipment purchased with grant funds. If this is the case, send a copy of your completed Relinquishing Memo to Robin Love, Property Accounting, to discuss your circumstances and complete a Retirement Transfer Form.

With NIH, the transfer of equipment may be accomplished as part of the original grantee's relinquishment of the grant; otherwise, NIH reserves the right to transfer title to equipment to the new institution as indicated in Property Management System Standards. The approval letter from Property Accounting is required to be submitted to OSP.

With NSF, a change of grantee organization may involve the transfer of equipment purchased with grant funds. Equipment purchased with NSF funds for use in a specific project should remain available for use for the duration of the project. PI's who are in the midst of a project that included funding for equipment and who will continue the project at the new institution with NSF support should be able to arrange transfer of equipment with their exiting institution. Shipping costs for such equipment may be charged to the original or transferred grant as an allowable cost. Transfer budgets should not include funds to "buy" equipment that had been previously obtained with federal funds.

Last Updated: 12/1/22