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NSF Transfer Process (Outgoing)

The NSF Transfer Policy requires that NSF approve transfers from one institution to another before the expiration of the project period. The decision to authorize transfer of the grant will be based upon the following information:

  1. The project has been relinquished by the institution before the expiration
  2. The facilities and resources at the new location allow for the successful performance of the project
  3. The PI plans no significant change in research objectives and level of expenditures from those described in the previously approved project.

  1. The PI must notify the NSF Program Office to request preliminary approval for the transfer, to request continued support at a new institution.

    If NSF and both institutions agree, formal notification of the impending transfer should be electronically initiated by the PI through FastLane.

  2. Each transfer request must be initiated by the PI. 

    The request should include the following:

    • Start date of transfer
    • New Awardee Organization
    • New Primary Place of Performance
    • Total Disbursements and Unpaid Obligations
    • Unobligated Balance
    • A brief summary of progress to date
    • A description of work yet to be accomplished.

    See instructions on how to initiate a request

  3. The PI must forward the transfer request to the SRO in Sponsored Projects.

    See instructions on how to forward the request.

  4. The PI must forward an approved Relinquishing Memo to Sponsored Projects. 

    OSP will not be able to work on the transfer request until they have a complete, approved Relinquishing Memo. 

  5. The PI or Admin must Initiate the Termination and/or Changes via eAward.

    After OSP endorsement of the transfer, and to formalize the approved changes internally, submit a request via eAward. 

    Depending on the changes requested, use the Award Modification Setup Request Transaction and select all that apply:
    1. New Performance/Budget Period End Dates
    2. Budget Revision/Re-budget
    3. Change of PI
    4. Other Changes

    If the transfer involves any changes to subawards, the PI/department will need to submit a separate transaction using the Subaward Modification Setup Request.

    Attach the approved Relinquishing Memo as formal approval for each transaction.

  6. The PI Must Initiate the Transfer Request in eAward

    Once the project is closed, the internal changes are reflected in Management Reports, and any subawards have been terminated, the PI will need to create a new request for the outgoing PI transfer, as shown below.

    prepare NSF transfer

    The PI will need to provide the following in order to be able to Save the draft request :

    • Requested Start Date of Transfer
    • New Awardee Organization (Name and/or Unique Entity Identifier to select)
    • New Primary Place of Performance
    • Total Disbursements and Unpaid Obligations (at start date of transfer)

      Required Transfer Request Forms include:
    • Brief Summary of Progress to Date
    • Description of work yet to be accomplished
    • Budget (in NSF format) using the new institution F&A rate
    • Budget Justification 
    • If subawards, Budget and Budget Justification (in NSF format) for each subrecipient

      Option/As applicable:
    • Mentoring Plan
    • Other Supplementary Documents
    • Add/Delete Non co-PI Senior Personnel 
  7. PI must Forward the Request to AOR for OSP to Submit

    Please reach out to your Sponsored Projects Officer and ask them to review the in-progress request, if you have any questions or concerns. 

    Once the request is complete, the PI will need to Forward to AOR for OSP to submit.
  8. The PI Must Work Closely with OSP to Coordinate the Formal Transfer.

    Once the University of Utah submits the request, the PI will recieve email confirmation, and the request is routed to the new institution to complete the process. 

    Upon transfer of the grant to the new organization, any monetary discrepancies must be resolved between the original and the new grantee. NSF will not intervene in any disputes between the two organizations regarding the transferred amount.
  9. PI Should Update their NSF Profile.

    The exiting PI should request affiliation with the new institution and update contact information so that notifications go to the new institution email address.

Upon receipt of the above material, NSF will review the request and, if approved, deduct the specified transfer amount from the original grant and re-establish it under a new grant number at the new organization. Award notification by the NSF Grants and Agreements Officer will constitute NSF approval of the grant transfer.

Last Updated: 10/13/23