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Request an F&A Rate Waiver


Request authorization to use a Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate that is lower than the University's negotiated or established rate.


Principal Investigators (PIs) and administrators preparing proposal budgets. The University has an F&A rate agreement negotiated with the U.S. Government. The University also has established rates for instruction/training and accepts rates stipulated by a sponsor's published policy. PI's who desire to use a rate lower than the applicable negotiated rate or the established rate must obtain approval.


  1. Determine the applicable F&A rate for the proposal
    1. The negotiated rate must be used when applying for federal funding, whether directly or as a subrecipient.
    2. The University's established rates must be used when applying for corporate funding, whether directly or as a subrecipient.
    3. The sponsor's published rate must be used in other cases.
    4. Contact OSP for assistance when determining the applicable rate.
  2. F&A waivers are approved as part of the proposal approval process in eProposal.
  3. When completing the Document Summary Sheet (DSS) in eProposal, there are F&A questions in the Budget section.
    1. Question #3 under F&A asks "Will a waiver or reduction in the negotiated F&A rate for this project be requested?
    2. If you answer "yes", you will be required to complete the additional budget information and justify your request.
      1. Note: You can mark this question "No" if you fall into the University's Generally Accepted Waivers. In these cases, no waiver request is required but be sure to attach the RFP, and other supporting documentation, in eProposal so that OSP can verify this information.
  4. When the DSS is complete, submit it for approval through eProposal.
  5. Upon receipt of the DSS in OSP, we will review the request and make a determination to support or deny the request. The DSS will then be routed to the Vice President for Research (VPR) who will then make the final determination as to support or deny the request.
    1. If the request is approved, OSP will continue with its review of the proposal.
    2. If the request is not approved, the DSS will be returned to the PI and department. The PI and/or department administrator will use the applicable F&A rate to recalculate the eProposal budget and then re-submit the DSS for review and approval.

 Instructions - Post-Award F&A Waiver Request

  1. Any time the PI wants to request a change to the proposed F&A rate (and the corresponding Document Summary Sheet (DSS) has already been approved and integrated), OSP requires a completed F&A Waiver/Reduction Form.
  2. When a PI transfers to another institution we may sub out his/her portion of the work to the new institution. In these cases, it's possible to still have sufficient funds to budget F&A for the first 25k of the subaward. When there will not be sufficient funds to budget F&A for the subaward, the Director of OSP and the Vice President of Research (VPR) will consider these requests.
    1. Submit an email memo to OSP that explains the request.
      1. The memo should include the F&A Waiver/Reduction Form, proposal ID, the name of the person transferring,  the total budget, the amount to be issued to the subrecipient, and the F&A rate at the new institution.
      2. The memo will be reviewed and a determination will be made via a reply email.
        1. If denied, OSP may be able to make a recommendation for how to rebudget in a way that will not cut into direct costs.
        2. If approved, this determination should be submitted to OSP with the rebudget request.

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