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  Key University Policies and Reporting Resources:

These University policies apply wherever University business is conducted.

The University's Non-Discrimination Policy 1-012 ensures prevention of harassment, stalking, and sexual misconduct within its community, extending to all individuals associated with the institution, including visitors and business partners.

Rule 1-012B addresses the resolution process for Sexual Misconduct Complaints and educates the University community, including students and employees, about Sexual Misconduct, campus resources, and support processes for victim-survivors. 


Complaints of discrimination, including sexual misconduct are reported to The Office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Title IX.

Policy 1-021: Abusive Conduct applies to all University of Utah employees and all academic and administrative units of the University, including University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics.

State law prohibits abusive conduct in the workplace, including physical, verbal, or nonverbal conduct by an employee toward another employee that:

  1. Intends to intimidate, humiliate, or cause unwarranted distress;
  2. Exploits an employee's known physical or psychological disability; or 
  3. Is unwarranted and results in substantial physical or psychological harm as a result of intimidation, humiliation or distress.

Faculty Member Abusive Conduct

For faculty members in the Health Sciences (HSC) area

Dentistry, Medicine, Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health Sciences Library

For faculty members in the Academic Affairs Colleges/Schools

not included in above list

Policy 6-400 of the Student Code prohibits any behavior that jeopardizes the safety or well-being of individuals on University premises or at University activities, including:

  • physical or verbal assault
  • sexual harassment
  • hazing
  • threats
  • intimidation
  • coercion
  • other behaviors which threaten or endanger a person's health or safety.


Anyone affected or aware of a violation can submit a complaint orally or in writing to The Office of the Dean of Students within forty-five business days of discovering the alleged violation.

Responsible employees are required to report any information about possible sexual misconduct or discrimination to the OEO/AA.

Campus security authorities (CSAs) are required to report crimes that occurred on campus to University Police.

Am I Responsible? Who Is Responsible?

Responsible employees are university employees, including students in paid leadership positions, who are required to report sexual misconduct to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. This includes:

  • Professors and other faculty
  • Administration and staff (non-mental health)
  • Resident advisors
  • Student employees
  • Campus police or campus security officials
  • Athletic coaches/assistants


Your reporting obligation applies:

  • Regardless of whether the individual affected is the victim or accused.
  • Regardless of where or when the incident occurred, even off-campus or before joining the campus community.
  • Regardless of how the information was conveyed to a responsible employee (spoken, written, or through a third party).


Last Updated: 4/25/24