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Seek Input & Feedback

It's important to seek input & feedback on your idea before investing too much time into your application. The University offers Research Mentoring. We highly recommend that you seek out mentorship from experienced investigators who have been successfully funded. Your Department Chair and/or Research Dean can be invaluable in helping you identify a suitable mentor.

The University also offers education and training to support the development of your application and management of your research funding.

Your mentor/s, along with information gained through education and training, can help you refine your idea and prepare you for developing a successful application.

The Find a Researcher database contains listings of University of Utah faculty and graduate students who are research topic experts and potential research collaborators. You may search for people by entering names, research keywords, departments, international experience keywords, and equipment.

Grant Life Cycle step 1: Generate Your Idea Step 2: Find Funding Step 3: Develop Your Proposal Step 4: Submit Your Proposal Step 5: Manage Your Award step 6: Share Your Research

Collaboration Tools

Last Updated: 3/10/23