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NSF Budget

Budget section includes a Budget Justification narrative. See the Budget Justification Template. (Budget justification limited to 3 pages)

  • Senior Personnel – salaries/wages and time commitment of PI, coPIs, and senior associates
  • Other Personnel – salaries/compensation of others, including undergrad researchers
  • Fringe Benefits – see current fringe benefit rates
  • Equipment– an item of property with acquisition cost of $5,000 or more
  • Travel – all foreign and domestic travel (airfare, transportation, lodging, food)
  • Participant Support – related costs for trainees in connection with NSF-sponsored workshops/meetings
  • Other Direct Costs – materials and supplies, publication costs, consultant services, computer services, Sub-awards, other
  • Indirect costs – presently calculated at 49.5% of salary/wages (check current and upcoming F&A rates)
  • Residual Funds – rarely applicable; can ignore
  • Amount of this Request – Fastlane system fills automatically
  • Cost Sharing – NSF generally prohibits voluntary cost sharing

A subaward budget can be entered into Fastlane by either the lead organization or the subawardee (subaward organization, if not a coPI, gains access to the proposal as an OAU {other authorized user} and uses the temporary proposal number created in Fastlane and PIN assigned by the lead organization). For information on inputting a subaward budget, refer to collaborative proposals, or utilize Fastlane Help and search "Create a Budget for the Subcontracting Organization."

Last Updated: 11/30/22