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NIH Budget

Budget section includes a Budget Justification narrative. See NIH Budget Justification Template. (Check RFP for budget justification page limitations).

  1. Personnel – salaries/wages, time commitment and fringe benefits of PI, coPIs, senior associates, and graduate and undergrad researchers. See current fringe benefit rates
  2. Consultant- consultants usually provide advice, but should not make decisions for the direction of the research. Typically, consultants will charge a fixed rate for their services that includes both their direct and F&A costs.
  3. Equipment– an item of property with acquisition cost of $5,000 or more
  4. Supplies
  5. Travel – all foreign and domestic travel (airfare, transportation, lodging, food)
  6. Patient Care Costs – costs of routine and ancillary services provided by hospitals to individuals participating in research programs
  7. Other Direct Costs –publication costs,
  8. Consortium/Contractual Costs – amount should include the consortium institutions F&A
  9. Indirect costs – presently calculated at 49.5% of salary/wages (check current and upcoming F&A rates)
  10. Total Directs

See NIH’s guidance on developing your budget and Modular Budgets.

Last Updated: 11/30/22