Complete the Proposal Submission Process

Once you have completed the application ("proposal") and the Document Summary Sheet (DSS), email your application package to your Sponsored Projects Officer at least five business days before the agency's submission deadline. (Please refer to Understand Submission Processes for further details). Do not submit the application package to – OSP must do this for you.

Your Sponsored Projects Officer will review the package carefully, work with you to ensure everything is in order, and then submit the final application to on your behalf. Administrators, PIs and staff cannot submit the application directly to

Please note that until you have been notified that the application has been electronically accepted by and the funding agency, changes may be required to correct errors (such as missing or incorrect components, unacceptable page counts, or other issues). may also reject the application if an electronic scan reveals incorrectly completed fields or viruses. Changes and corrections must be completed quickly to stay within funding agency deadlines; you should work closely with your Sponsored Projects Officer until you are assured that the application has been accepted at the funding agency. sends email notifications to OSP to verify receipt and acceptance. The sponsoring agency retrieves the application once it is accepted by The sponsoring agency sends email notifications to the submitting Sponsored Projects Officer and in the case of NIH, to the PI as well, to verify receipt and to report errors that must be corrected in order to accept the proposal package.

OSP will track the application's progress, notify you of any errors or changes required by or the agency, and notify you when the application has been electronically accepted by and subsequently by the relevant funding agency. The application will then undergo review at the funding agency.

NOTE: If you intend to submit a grant proposal to NIH or AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), the PI must first be registered in the NIH eRA Commons at least two weeks in advance. Please contact your Sponsored Projects Officer to register or verify affiliation.

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