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Cayuse S2S (formerly 424)

Cayuse is "a fast, easy-to-use web application created specifically to simplify the creation, review, approval and electronic submission of grant proposals" through

*Cayuse is not compatible with Safari or Google Chrome*. Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can download electronic proposal packages directly from and prepare the proposals in Cayuse. With its multiple-level error checking, Cayuse replaces most of the current manual processes and detects details that are sometimes difficult or impossible to catch due to inconsistencies in requirements, volume, and time constraints.

We are now using Cayuse for proposal submissions to  In most cases, Cayuse is required to be used instead of, with the exception of NSF proposals.

Log-in and Profiles

Cayuse can be accessed via Campus Information Systems (CIS).  Cayuse can be found under Research Administration, and you will use your uNID and password to log in.  New investigators and staff will need to register with OSP. Please email Todd Bjorklund or Shauna Peterson and include your name, uNID, and email address in your request.

If you were affiliated with the University as of November 1, 2012 user logins and "professional profiles" were created automatically. These profiles are used to auto-fill information in Cayuse for key personnel. Not all fields are complete and any missing elements (including NIH and NASA user ID's) should be filled in by the user. The general profile should also be reviewed and verified. All information can be corrected or updated in each proposal, but keeping your profile updated ensures that anyone selecting you in Cayuse has the most up-to-date information.

Users can delegate access to their profile via the Permission link. You should delegate if you have the expectation that someone else will manage this information on your behalf. By checking the "write" box your delegate will have the ability to make changes to your profile. See instructions on how to Grant Access to Cayuse Profile 

Granting and Removing Access/Permissions

Access to a proposal in Cayuse is set on a proposal-by-proposal basis. The PI and the creator of the proposal (if different) have default editing access to the proposal. Any other users need to be added separately.

To grant additional users access to a specific proposal, the PI should open that proposal and then click the orange Permissions key icon (found in the upper right of the screen or in the Proposal Management section in the left navigation window). When you click that icon, Cayuse opens a Permissions dialog box. Click the Add User button, and search for the name of the person to be granted access. That person's name will then appear in the list of users with permissions. Make sure that the "Write" permissions box is checked if they should have editing capabilities.

If you wish to remove that person at any time, click the red X next to their name, and they will no longer have permission to view or edit the proposal.

The person that was added should now be able to see this proposal in their Proposal tab. If it does not appear immediately, click the green Refresh icon in the upper left corner of the screen to refresh the view.

Help and How-to

The Cayuse training resources in the right column are available to walk you through the process. We recommend you read these materials well in advance of starting to prepare your proposal. We also offer an Introduction to class that includes Cayuse training. For assistance with Cayuse, please contact Todd Bjorklund or Shauna Peterson.

Grant Life Cycle step 1: Generate Your Idea Step 2: Find Funding Step 3: Develop Your Proposal Step 4: Submit Your Proposal Step 5: Manage Your Award step 6: Share Your Research

Help & How-To


Last Updated: 11/30/22