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This section contains tabs with information on various eAward video and other tutorials. These tutorials provide detailed instructions on how to use eAward to generate requests and transactions. 

The video links will open the Bridge LMS (via CIS). Videos are best viewed in Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Please disable popup blockers and clear internet cache, if you are having technical issues.

Introduction to eAward

This video provides a brief introduction to e-Award, a CIS application developed by OSP to make the coordination of grant and contract post-award work easier, faster, and more transparent. 

New Award Setup Request

This 4 minute video walks you through how to initiate a new award setup request transaction in e-Award. 

FCOI Validation

This powerpoint details the steps to get to the compliance section of the New Award Setup request so the PI can validate the conflict of interest.

Preliminary Project Request

This video (coming soon) walks you through how to initiate a new preliminary award setup request transaction in e-Award. See our Preliminary Transaction Flow Chart.

How to Request a New Subaward Out

This 5 min video provides instruction on how to request, through e-Award, that OSP issue a new subaward for work to be conducted by an institution or organization outside the University of Utah.

How to Request an Award Modification Setup 

This short video provides instruction on how to request, through e-Award, that OSP process a fully executed or authorized award modification to an existing project.


Overview and Access

eAward is an application developed by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) to make coordination of grant and contract post-award work easier, faster, and more transparent for research faculty and research administrators. eAward is live and available via Campus Information Systems (CIS) under the Research Services heading.

Anyone with a University Network ID (uNID), including faculty, staff, and authorized university personnel, should have an active CIS login. The uNID/CIS login enables secure and role-specific access to the eAward system for managing award transactions and projects. 

All users have access to the same transaction pages. However, OSP benefits from a unique landing page designed for managing incoming transactions. 

Getting Started

For optimal performance, use either Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

Users can search using the Requested Transactions page (ideal for tracking current transaction requests) and the History page (for searching completed transactions).

OSP users can also use the Landing Page (available exclusively to OSP staff).

Transaction Lifecycle
Creation and Submission

The PID/DSS number isn't visible on the Awards & Proposals page until OSP integrates the fully approved DSS in eProposal (including updating its status to Institution Approved in PeopleSoft). 

Once fully integrated, it can take up to 2 hours for the DSS number to generate in eAward.

While the initial submission restricts non-OSP users from making edits, OSP has a process in place for revisions.
If updates are needed, OSP will "Recall" the transaction and send it back to the transaction owner and convert it back to draft status>

Recalling allows the original submitter to make necessary updates. They can then resubmit the transaction to OSP for processing. 

If the PID/DSS is unselectable during the transaction creation, hover over the PID/DSS for details and potential solutions. This functionality aims to quickly inform users about restrictions and guide corrective actions.

Project Numbers

eaward project number chart

No. Due to restrictions from Grants & Contracts Accounting (GCA) and the PeopleSofet system, new preliminary project numbers for continuation awards or amendments cannot be requested until the previous years preliminary project is cleared. 

No. Companion projects omitted in the initial preliminary setup cannot be added during the preliminary period once the preliminary project has been created, due to Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA) and PeopleSoft system constraints. 

Instead, request them with the New Award Setup when the prelim is cleared or in an Award Modification Request. 

Inactive Projects

This could mean that your project number is inactive or the project end date is older than 1 year.  You can easily confirm this by viewing the end date in Management Reports.
If you run into this issue, please contact your SPO in these instances.  The SPO will work with you to verify that this truly is a continuation and doesn’t require a new DSS.  

There are two rules at play which restrict the PI or dept admin from selecting and creating a transaction in eAward.
  • Project end date is over a year old 
  • Project is inactive
If the project end date is over a year old, regardless of status (active or inactive), OSP will need to create the draft transaction for the department and assign a "Transaction Owner" (see eAward FAQ for definition) which is typically the department contact.

The Transaction Owner can then pickup the Draft transaction on their Requested Transactions page to finish the data entry and submit to OSP.

Navigation and Functionality

The Route button enables internal messaging among those working on a transaction within eAward.

Click "Route", choose recipients, type a message, and hit "Send". Messages are saved in the comment section.

Note: "Route" does not "Submit", "Reassign", or otherwise forward the transaction.
It's purely for internal communications. is used to communicate between different parties working on the transaction. Just click "Route", select recipients, add message, click "send". The messages are also stored in the comment section.

Thumbs-up (Approval)

Action: Approves the transaction.

Outcome: Triggers an email to the next approver.

Thumbs-down (Decline)

Action: Declines the transaction.

Outcome: Closes the request and notifies the PI and Transaction Creator via email.

Recycle Icon (Reset to Draft)

Action: Resets the transaction to draft status.

Outcome: Sends an email to the PI and Transaction Creator, indicating the need for further action or revisions.

Notifications and Communication

The eAward system is designed to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged through automated email notifications.

These notifications encompass a variety of reminders, including those for Conflict of Interest (COI) validations, ensuring that all necessary actions and validations are completed timely.

Specifically, the system sends out reminder emails at a set frequency of every 3 business days.

Principal Investigators (PIs): The lead researchers or individuals primarily responsible for the execution of the project.

Investigators Listed: Any additional researchers or staff members listed on the award who play a significant role in the research and are required to comply with COI policies.

Creators: The individuals who initiated or created the New Award Setup transaction in the eAward system. They are often administrative or support staff who manage the logistical aspects of award setup.

Post Award Contacts: These are contacts designated within the New Award Setup transaction. They are typically responsible for the administrative and financial management of the award post-approval and need to be aware of any potential conflicts of interest that may impact the project.


New comment added

Status update to "In OSP Review"

Addition of a new attachment

Transaction deletion

From OSP:

Any status change

Addition of new comments

Approval rejection/decline

Use of the recycle function

Transaction approval

Addition of new attachments

Transaction re-assignment

Transaction deletion

Transaction Management and Editing 

The "Transaction Owner", typically a department administrator or representative, will manage/oversee transactions on behalf of a department. 

Active transactions appear on the Owner's "Requested Transactions" page, allowing Owners to oversee progress and take actions as necessary.

Any users (including the creator, the PI, and the SPO) can delete transactions.

To delete transactions go to the the Requested Transactions page. 

"Closed" indicates that work on the transaction could not proceed further or could not be finalized.

"Complete" indicates that all necessary steps to finalize the transaction have been successfully complted. 

Data, Reporting and Statutes
Data & Reporting

When changing or modifying data entry fields, any alterations from the original values are denoted with a "!" symbol next to the changed field. Additionally, the modifications are highlighted in yellow for easy identification during review and approval processes. 

Currently, eAward does not offer reporting features. However, both canned and ad-hoc reporting functionality is being planned for future release. 

Status Definitions



Email Notification


In Draft   No   Someone (i.e. OSP, Department, PI) has started the transaction request
Pending Approval    Yes - listed approvers   Transaction request is complete and approval workflow kicks off. (eAward sends out the notifications to the approvers one at a time for the "preliminary setup request" transaction types. For "change of org ID" eAward notifies everyone at once.
Pending PI Validation    Yes - PI   Waiting for PI, and listed investigators, to validate the COI 
Pending COI   Yes - PI and Investigators with conflict   Waiting for PI, and listed investigators, to have all COI conflicts resolved
In OSP Review   Yes - OSP/SPO   These transactions require OSP approval and are sent to OSP for review and further processing
In Progress or In OSP   Yes - OSP/SPO   These transactions do not require OSP approval and are sent to OSP for review and further processing

Pending Subawards (Subs)

  Yes - PI and creator    "Pending Subs" status is manually set by the OSP when waiting for a response or action from the subsite
 Pending   Yes - PI and creator   "Pending" status is manually assigned and utilized at the discretion of the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). This status indicates that a transaction or request is currently under review or awaiting further action or information before it can proceed to the next stage of the process.
 In CA   Yes - Contracts Administrator (CA)   OSP has forwarded the transaction to the OSP CA for processing (i.e. PeopleSoft, Process subcontract, process amendment)
In GCA (Grants and Contracts Accounting)   Yes - PI and creator   SPO or CA has forwarded the transaction to GCA for processing
Completed   Yes - PI and creator   All steps to "work" the transaction have been completed, including PeopleSoft (if needed)
Closed   Yes - PI and creator  

Work could not continue or could not be finalized


 Draft - Sent   Yes - selected recipients  

Subrecipient Commitment Form email including link to complete the form was sent to subsite

Draft-Received   Yes - PI, creator, SPO  

Completed Subrecipient Commitment Form was received in eAward

Draft - Sent for Revision   Yes - selected recipients   Subrecipient Commitment Form was sent back to subsite for revisions

Glossary and Acronyms

CA = Contracts Administrator (OSP position/role)

COI = Conflict of Interest Office

GCA = Grants & Contracts Accounting Office

OSP = Office of Sponsored Projects

PI = Principal Investigator

PO = Purchase Order

SPO = Sponsored Projects Officer (OSP position/role)


Last Updated: 3/14/24