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Postdoctoral Funding

Postdoctoral training and research may be funded through a variety of sources. Most postdocs are funded through research grants, and many postdocs receive internally or externally (national and international) competitive fellowships. Postdocs may be funded through other external sources, such as salary continuation while on sabbaticals from current employers or through scholarships and fellowships from foreign governments or institutions.


As a postdoc with a uID, you have access to our searchable funding opportunity database Pivot. Pivot is a comprehensive search tool that allows you to customize your search based on eligibility (i.e., early investigator) and funding types (i.e., fellowship, equipment, travel), to name a few. Pivot also allows you to create custom funding alerts. Initially, you will want to keep your search broad and run multiple searches to capture the most opportunities. Use the Abstract field to look for scientific terms but try to use wording or keywords that are not overly technical; consider language that an educated layman would use because this is mostly likely what you will find in funding opportunities.

Once you identify an opportunity you'd like to pursue, talk with your department administrator and your Sponsored Projects Officer about how best to proceed. OSP offers guidance on the proposal development and submission processes in the Grant Life Cycle.

Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities

While we recommend using PIVOT for the most up-to-date search results.

University/Department Postdoc Funding Lists

Award Considerations

In some cases, a postdoc may receive multiple fellowship awards that overlap in their funding periods. In order to accept both awards, each awarding agency must not have provisions disallowing the combination of its award with other funding during the award period unless its incidental or supplemental. Postdocs funded through a combination of awards are responsible for compliance with the policies of both awards. Departments may require the postdoc recipient to defer one of the awards, or may arrange redistribution of funding in order to extend the funding period of the postdoc. Department decisions should keep the best interest of the post doc in mind. As is the case with student funding, where a postdoc has multiple sources of funding, outside funds should be used before University funds.



Last Updated: 9/27/23