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Department Administrator Reporting Roles


Provide guidance to departments, on how to update the reporting/approving roles in eProposal and Management Reports for notifications, when a new department administrator is hired.


Only Approval Administrators within each department have the ability to manage eProposal approvers and roles. When a new department administrator is hired, the eProposal approvers and their respective roles should be updated.

If you are unsure of who the Approval Administrator is, please contact your Sponsored Projects Officer.

Departments will also need to update the post-award liaison listed on each project in Management Reports so that the new administrator receives the proper PeopleSoft electronic notifications. PeopleSoft is the system of record for OSP and this system provides notifications that allow the department to monitor the activity and accuracy of the project.


  1. eProposal: If your department wants a budget or administrative review of the Document Summary Sheet (DSS), the Approval Administrator will need to login to eProposal and go to the Maintenance link. There they can create the new administrator role, naming it whatever suits the department (frequently AA Reviewer) and assign the name to that role. If the role has already been created then the new person can be added to the existing role and the prior employee can be deleted as needed.
    1. Note: There is an Administrators and Approvers Help document under the Help link in eProposal. It has step by step instructions on how to manage the approvers and roles.
  2. Awards in PeopleSoft as reflected in Management Reports will have the previous department liaison listed as the post-award contact. There is no technical way to update the department liaison for all projects pertaining to a single Org ID across the board.
  3. The change must be made on each project by the department using the app in Management Reports.
    1. To change a reporting role or add a new person to a reporting role on an established award, login and select "Change Liaison/Phone" and then enter the employee uNID:
      1. change liaison
      2. Change Liaison II
    2. When the change is made in Management Reports it also updates the Reporting Roles section of PeopleSoft to reflect the new administrator. The Reporting Roles section is used to determine who receives the automatic notification emails. Only OSP and GCA can see the Reporting Roles in PeopleSoft.
    3. NOTE: This only changes existing awards. It does not update the post-award contact for proposals yet to be funded.
  4. Document Summary Sheets (DSSs) created by the previous department liaison will not be viewable by the new department administrator because of security settings.
    1. Departments can run reports on their departments activity based  on the Org ID using Research Portal. You will be able to see the activity in report form but access to PeopleSoft data (including the eProposal information) is based on the security levels for Management Reports.
  5. The department can't change the liaison in eProposal after the DSS has been integrated into PeopleSoft (following submission). These DSSs will need to be manually updated by OSP when the project is funded or a preliminary is initiated.
    1. The new department administrator is responsible for checking the liaison and notifying OSP at this time so the new department administrator can be named as the liaison.
    2. OSP will update the Reporting Roles in PeopleSoft and the new department liaison will start receiving the automated notifications for post-award changes.

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Last Updated: 11/29/17