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Procedures for the Submission of Proposals

7.6 Submission of Final Proposal

The PI should note the number of copies of the proposal required by the sponsor, if hard copies are required, and the sponsors deadline for submission of proposals including time and time zone. When hard copy proposals are required, the PI will need to coordinate with OSP to verify how these will be sent. In most cases, the proposals are mailed through the PI’s department via a track-able method or overnight mail.

7.6.1 Paper Submissions

On paper submissions, the PI will take responsibility for the delivery of the approved proposal. A commercial carrier or the U.S. postal service can be used to deliver the proposal. If mailed using the postal service, it is advised that it be sent by registered mail so the PI receives an acknowledgment that the agency received the proposal. OSP can mail the proposal only if they receive a chartfield string to which they should bill the mailing or an overnight mailing label that has the department chartfield string pre-printed.

7.6.2 Electronic Submissions

In certain cases (i.e. NSF), OSP transmits the proposal electronically through sponsor’s systems or via e-mail. Other systems (i.e. American Cancer Society) do not allow access for institutional review. In these cases, a copy of the proposal must be furnished to OSP. Note: some sponsors require a signed cover page to indicate institutional approval.

Electronic submissions to be transmitted to the sponsoring agencies by OSP require access in advance of the deadline. Read more on Electronic Submission & Registration. Experience has shown that trying to submit proposals within the last few hours of the deadline can cause the proposal to be submitted late because of technical difficulties. Again, electronic proposals submitted late will not usually be reviewed even if there are technical difficulties either at the University or at the sponsoring agency.

If a proposal is submitted directly to an agency without OSP review, the University will not be required to accept the award. The award will not be accepted if the proposal contains elements which are inconsistent with University policy, has objectionable terms and conditions, requires resources not approved prior to the proposal, or does not receive the chair and dean’s endorsements. The University reserves the right to withdraw or turn down any award that does not meet all University requirements.

Last Updated: 4/29/24