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Overview of Sponsored Projects Administration

3.2 What is a Sponsored Project?

Sponsored projects are funded research, instruction, training, testing, service, or other scholarly activities in which a formal written agreement, i.e., a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract is entered into between the University of Utah and the sponsor.

In general, a sponsored project is an arrangement in which there is a specified statement of work for the university to execute with a related, reciprocal transfer of something of either tangible or intangible value for a public purpose or as a direct benefit to the sponsor.

The conditions found in the Determine Gift or Sponsored Project Procedure are characteristics of a sponsored project agreement, and can help to distinguish such agreements from gifts.

Sponsored projects are generally charged indirect costs, whether identified in the award or not. See section details on facilities and administration (F&A) rates.

Last Updated: 4/29/24