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Sponsored Projects

Determine Gift or Sponsored Project


Determine whether funding received from an external source (the "sponsor" or "donor") is considered a gift or a sponsored project, for proper management of funds.


Faculty and others who receive funds from a source external to the University of Utah for program support.


  1. Treat the funds as a sponsored project if one or more of the characteristics outlined in What is a Sponsored Project apply.
    • Ultimately a sponsored project is any funding that requires institutional authorization and/or contains reporting obligations and/or contains any technical or financial terms and conditions.
  2. If the funds are considered to be a sponsored project based on one or more characteristics listed above, the funds will be managed using the procedures of OSP and GCA and a Document Summary Sheet is required.
  3. If the funds are considered to be a gift, the funds will be managed through the Office of Development or the relevant college.

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Last Updated: 11/29/17