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Roles & Responsibilities

1.2 Dean

Each Dean is responsible for the research and other sponsored activities that are conducted in their School or College. The Dean (or their designee) is responsible for reviewing, approving and signing the Document Summary Sheet (DSS). The signature of the Dean on the DSS:

  1. Attests that the research or sponsored project is within the University’s mission and in the best interest of the University;
  2. Attests to the appropriateness of the activity within their School or College;
  3. Acknowledges that the research or sponsored activity conforms to the long or short range plans of their School or College;
  4. Attests that the Dean is aware of the faculty’s needs in order to conduct the activities, including but not limited to: space requirements, materials, staffing, matching funds, and any hazards associated with the conduct of the sponsored activity; and
  5. Attests that the Dean is committed to provide any specific requirements including matching funds if the proposal is funded, or is assured that funds are available from other sources.
Last Updated: 4/29/24