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Award Acceptance

8.5 Project Set-Up

When all negotiations are complete and the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) receives the signed award notice/contract, OSP will process the award. A copy of the award notice/contract will be sent to the PI and to Grants and Contracts Accounting through PeopleSoft.

The information that is required to complete the project setup is usually available to the administrator either on the Document Summary Sheet submitted at the time of the proposal or in the award notice/contract. If these are not complete, the Principal Investigator or administrative staff will be contacted to provide needed specific information. The setup request is forwarded to Grants and Contracts Accounting where the project number and account codes are assigned. This information is then provided to the Principal Investigator electronically through PeopleSoft notifications.

If cost sharing/matching is a part of the project award, the OSP administrator will not be able to set up the project unless chartfields for cost sharing requirements have been provided.

When additional or incremental funding is received or there is a change in the award information (i.e. budget modification, amendment, etc.), the OSP administrator will process these as necessary. A new Document Summary Sheet is generally not needed for adding funding or making changes to an existing project. Multiple projects may be established for any award at the request of the Principal Investigator. However, multiple projects do not exonerate the named Principal Investigator of the overall responsibility of the entire sponsored project.

8.5.1 Research Project Flow Chart

Project Set-Up

  1. Project Awarded
  2. OSP processes award
  3. Grants and Contracts Accounting establishes new or extends project
  4. PI/administrators receive monthly management reports and PEB's (payroll)

Spending on a Project

  1. Salary budgets spent by adding project number and percentage of time to an employee PAN form by Dept. Administrator
    • Faculty PAN form sent to Payroll for input
    • Staff PAN form sent to Human Resources for input
  2. PAR forms generated by Management Accounting and Analysis quarterly for salaried employees on research projects to make corrections/redistribution's of salary expenses. These are reviewed by Management Accounting and Grants and Contracts Accounting
Other Direct Costs
  1. All requisitions for equipment, sub-awards, campus orders, and check requests are approved by Grants and Contracts Accounting
    • Requisition sent to Purchasing who creates purchase order
    • Travel forms completed and sent to Travel Department
    • Limited PO's, campus orders, check request, purchasing cards, petty cash, stores, mailing, netcom, etc.
  2. Projects encumbered (only salary, benefits, P.O.’s, scholarships and fellowships)
    • Payment made by Accounts Payable and posted to projects and encumbrances adjusted
    • All invoicing and draws for projects to sponsors are done by Grants and Contracts Accounting, except for clinical investigations
    • All deposits including draws for projects from sponsors are credited to projects by Grants and Contracts Accounting
Closing a project
  1. An assumption is made here that there is no new money coming in and no extensions
  2. Any needed cost transfers are made by the department and approved by Grants and Contracts Accounting
    • On cost reimburseable contracts, any overpayment is returned to the sponsor
    • On fixed price contracts, any extra funds are transferred to an activity for the PI or dept
    • On grants, sponsor is invoiced for expenses
    • The PI/department is responsible for any overspending
Last Updated: 4/28/21