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OSP Business Practices - Proposal Preparation


Clarify proposal application support services and expectations.


Principal Investigators (PIs) and department administrators working on proposals, ideally, at least 4-6 weeks prior to the deadline and who would like proposal preparation assistance in advance of OSP review.

Proposal Preparation:

  1. Upon request, OSP can provide assistance by:
    1. Analyzing the solicitation;
    2. Explaining standard proposal components and providing templates, if available;
    3. Explaining electronic submission requirements and creating user accounts;
    4. Completing and/or coordinating the representations and certifications;
    5. Providing templates for commitment letters;
    6. Explaining required subcontract documentation;
    7. Reviewing and explaining any exceptional or problematic terms and develop exception letters, if needed;
    8. Explaining additional approval processes, if needed;
    9. Implementing the review and signature process.

Pre-Award Proposal Preparation Support:

  1. Proposal preparation assistance can be requested through the VPR's Pre-Award Office (subject to availability and limitations).  Services include all those listed above as well as the following:
    1. Budget preparation;
    2. Gathering institutional resources necessary for the proposal (i.e. education outreach plans, data management plans, technology access plans, etc.)
    3. Prepare agency application forms;
    4. Assemble the proposal and review the text for narrative consistency;
    5. Facilitate editorial review through the writing center, as requested and available; and
    6. Facilitate pre-submission peer or consultant review of the technical aspects of the proposal (provided the application is otherwise complete 3 weeks prior to the due date).


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Last Updated: 4/29/24