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Sponsored Projects

Non-Financial Reporting


Review and complete any necessary reporting required by a sponsored project.


Principal Investigators (PIs) and department administrators managing sponsored projects.

Many sponsored project awards, particularly those supporting research, require non-financial reporting, such as technical reports and invention reports, as part of progress reporting and award closeout.

For more information, review the Grant Life Cycle information on Reports.


  1. Review the award terms and conditions and sponsor policy for report due dates.
  2. Technical (program) reports are prepared and submitted by the PI. Follow sponsor instructions for format and submission.
    1. Any reference to financial information or personnel effort in a technical report must reflect what is reported in the financial reports. Contact Grants & Contracts Accounting (GCA) to verify financial information or to coordinate simultaneous submission of financial and technical reports when required.
  3. The PI prepares invention reports. A report is required even when the report states that no inventions resulted from the award.
    1. The invention report for an award must include any inventions first conceived or first reduced to practice by any subrecipient personnel using the award funding.
    2. Inventions reported to the sponsor for a particular award must match the source of funds (external funding) reported on invention disclosures made to Technology Licensing. Contact Technology Licensing for assistance.
    3. Follow sponsor instructions for reporting. Use online forms when available.
  4. If the PI is for any reason unable to complete technical and invention reports, the responsibility falls to a co-investigator, colleague, or the department chair to prepare them for submission. 
    1. For NIH awards, the SO can delegate progress report authority on behalf of another user
  5. Retain copies of submitted reports for at least 3 years after submission.
    1. For proof of submission, keep a copy of report submission information, such as online submission confirmation, email, cover letter, or courier receipt.

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