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eRA Commons Access


Obtain an eRA Commons account to maintain compliance with applicable federal agency requirements and University of Utah requirements.


Principal Investigators (PIs) or their designees assigned to grants, cooperative agreements and fellowships with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

University of Utah and many governmental organizations require actions through the eRA Commons system to maintain compliance. For more information, please see the NIH eRA website.


  1. Email OSP and provide your:
    1. Full name;
    2. Department;
    3. Utah email address (no gmail, hotmail, etc.);
    4.  Rank (graduate student, postdoc, faculty member, staff); and
    5.  Requested eRA Commons role.
      1. If you are a Principal Investigator with an existing eRA Commons account who needs to affiliate with the University of Utah, email OSP and provide your full name, Utah email address, and eRA Commons username.
      2. If you are unsure of which role to request, NIH provides descriptions of all eRA Commons roles. The most frequently requested roles are:
        1. Principal Investigator (PI): May access information pertaining to the grant(s) on which he/she is the designated PI. May edit their own personal profile, view grant application status and related information, view notice of award, initiate an RPPR (Research Performance Progress Report), view and manage certain training grant activities, and delegate authority to an ASST for certain actions on their account.
        2. Assistant (ASST): Is delegated access by a PI to the PI's eRA Commons account to assist with data entry and/or view grant status.
  2. OSP will create your eRA Commons account or affiliate an existing account with the University of Utah.
  3. NIH will send you an email notification. For a new eRA Commons account, this notification will contain your logon URL. Click the URL to update the password and your account will be available for your immediate use.
    1. If you have a legacy or unaffiliated entry in the NIH database you will receive an email from the NIH requesting confirmation that the account belongs to you. Your account will be available for use 24-48 hours after you provide the necessary confirmation.
  4. eRA Commons users will need to complete their Personal Profiles. NIH provides a video tutorial to familiarize users with the Personal Profile.

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