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Research Related Regulations, Policies & Procedures

10.5 Authorship

Authorship is an explicit way of assigning responsibility and giving credit for intellectual work. Authorship is important to the reputation, academic promotion, and grant support of the individuals involved as well as to the strength and reputation of the institution.

10.5.1 Authorship Determinations

As noted by the U.S. Office of Research Integrity, “Attribution of credit and responsibility is central to the structure of science.”  Thus, PIs and their research teams are responsible for determining who will be author on a manuscript, white paper, grant proposal, etc. 

These issues should be discussed as transparently as possible in the research setting.  In addition, disciplinary standards should be upheld in determining who is an author and their contributions to the work being discussed. 

PIs should establish how they expect the members of their teams to participate in the authorship effort.  This document provides guidance on how to approach this issue. 

Last Updated: 12/1/22