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Standards for Conduct of Research

2.5 Outside Interest and Employment

The University encourages its faculty to share their expertise with the larger public through sponsored research, consulting, and other activities that may be beneficial for the public, the University, as well as the individual faculty member. While activities directed outside of the University are often compatible with teaching, scholarship, and research, they may in some instances conflict with on-campus responsibilities or with the University’s institutional goals. Commitments that have focus outside of the University can, at times, appear to compromise the integrity of the research and scholarship of the faculty and the University.

2.5.1 Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment

Conflict of Interest means any outside activity, commitment, or interest that may adversely affect, compromise, or be incompatible with the obligations of an employee to the University or to widely recognized professional norms. It includes but is not limited to situations where the designated university official reasonably determines that a significant financial or other interest could directly and significantly affect the design, conduct or reporting of research.

The University is required to oversee any project when any individual(s) involved in the design, conduct or reporting of the project has a conflict of interest. The existence of a COI does NOT necessarily preclude funding or implementation of the project. It merely states that the University and the individual with the conflict must modify, reduce or eliminate the conflict if, in the opinion of the University, the project has a strong potential for being negatively impacted by the conflict.

Last Updated: 4/29/24