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Acronyms & Definitions

12.7 Other Terms and Concepts

Acronym Definition
ACO Administrative Contracting Officer
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
CICA Competition in Contracting Act
CO Contracting Officer
COA Contracting Officer Approval
CPSR Contractor Procurement/Property System Review
CR Cost Reimbursable Contract/Grant
CRADA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
CY Calendar Year
CYTD Calendar Year to Date
DA Department Administration
DC Direct Costs
DSS Document Summary Sheet (U of U)
EA Expanded Authorities
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EFT Electronic Fund Transfer
ERA Electronic Research Administration
F&A Facilities and Administration
FAR Financial Status Report
FDP Federal Demonstration Partnership
FP Fixed-Price Contract/Grant
FTE Full Time Equivalent
FY Fiscal Year
FYTD Fiscal Year to Date
GA General Administration
GMO Grants Management Officer
IDC Indirect Costs (see F&A)
IFB Invitation For Bid
IPA Intergovernmental Personnel Act
IR&D Independent Research and Development
MTDC Modified Total Direct Costs
MTDC+S Modified Total Direct Costs + Stipend
OSP Office of Sponsored Projects (U of U)
PA Program Announcement
PAN Personnel Action Notification (U of U)
PAR Personnel Activity Report (U of U)
PI Principal Investigator
PO Program/Project Officer
R&D Research & Development
RDNA Recombinant DNA
RFA Request for Application
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
S&W Salaries & Wages
S&WEB Salaries, Wages, and Employee Benefits
SBIR Small Business Innovation Research Program
SNAP Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process
SPA Sponsored Programs Administration
STTR Small Business Technology Transfer Program
T&M Time and Materials
TADC Total Allocable Direct Costs
TBSR Total Business Systems Review
TDC Total Direct Costs
TTO Technology Transfer Office (U of U)
UBIT Unrelated Business Income Tax
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