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COVID-19 Impacts to Sponsored Projects Operations

This form is intended for Principal Investigators (PIs) and those managing projects to document and report the impacts of COVID-19 on research operations at the University of Utah. Departments should retain a copy of completed forms, and should note necessary amendments or changes as the situation requires.

Project Information
Indicates a required input.
  1. Impact Date Range
Stop Work Orders
  1. Have you received a stop work order notification from your sponsor on this project?
  2. Does this project involve subawards?
    1. Have you issued (or plan on issuing) a stop work order?
Individuals Unable to Perform Prescribed Research Responsibilities

The University of Utah continues to take steps to respond to the spread of COVID-19, including limiting on-site personnel and reducing lab operations. In light of these steps, the following individuals are unable to perform prescribed research responsibilities for the above project due to requirements to work remotely, either at home or other sites*:


    First Name Last Name uNID Date Range(s)
    of Work Cessation
    Estimated Productivity

All other individuals receiving salary support from the above grant are able, and continue, to perform duties related to project operations. Individuals whose effort is able to be allocated to projects where responsibilities are able to be performed remotely do not need to be listed.

*Note: these individuals may continue to be charged to the same funding source(s) as were used before the limitation of on-site research operations consistent with guidance provided at

Other Impacts

We would appreciate you taking a few moments to describe in detail your financial impacts including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Select all that apply.

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect research in this academic year and possibly for years to come so if you anticipate other forms of losses, please be sure to include them in your comments.

  1. Have you contacted your Program Officer/Grant Management Officer about the potential short and long term impacts to your project?
Last Updated: 4/28/21