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Department Administrator Research Training

OSP's Departmental Administrator Research Training (DART) courses are designed to give each new research administrator a solid foundation in regulatory principles and best practices, as well as provide practical instruction and guidance in navigating the many forms, policies and procedures related to management of sponsored projects.

This program is intended for:

  • Anyone interested in submitting a proposal through the University of Utah to an external funding source
  • Staff members with less than one year of experience in research administration and/or sponsored project administration
  • Anyone who would like a review of or an OSP-perspective on sponsored projects

DART courses are bundled into a self-paced certificate program. The program combines online modules with recommendations for instructor led lectures, workshops, and labs. We encourage completing the courses within one year of hire into a position that involves proposal development and/or any aspects of pre- or post-award management.

Most of the following courses are available through the Bridge LMS via CIS. Courses are best viewed in Chrome, Firefox or Safari and are optimized for desktop and laptop viewing. Please disable popup blockers and clear internet cache, if you are having technical issues. Course slides do contain audio. 

If logged into CIS, courses will open and start automatically.

Cost Principles:

Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Fundamentals:

Proposal and Budget Preparation:

Post-Award Management:

After you complete a course and associated final test, you will earn your certificate. Certificates are generated within Bridge and are stored for future reference.

If departments choose to provide job titles and job codes, OSP can auto-enroll new administrators in the program. Please email Laurel Duncan for more information.

If affiliate access is needed, supervisors can request it here:

Last Updated: 12/1/22