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Tuition Benefit for Graduate Students

Research Assistant (RA) tuition will become the responsibility of the college, effective summer semester 2020.

All RA's should receive tuition benefits aligned with the current Tuition Benefit Program (TBP) for other graduate student job codes (GA's, TA's, GF's), as per the policy, and the Graduate School will continue to administer RA TBP on behalf of the University. 

Colleges should follow current policies. RA tuition that is not charged to sponsored projects (5000) will be deducted from the college’s F&A return (2500). Other funding sources for RA tuition will require approval by the Graduate School.

OSP has updated our Procedure for Tuition on Grants to reflect that it is no longer a pilot program. Generally all proposals seeking external funding for graduate research assistants in FY2020 and beyond should include a request for tuition costs (tuition remission), except when the sponsor's guidelines or policies expressly prohibit recovery of tuition.  

Last Updated: 9/10/19