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Revised Timeline for NIH Requirements 

NIH deferring Implementation of Biosketch and Other Support format until 2022

NIH has issued NOT-OD-21-110, Implementation of Changes to the Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format Page, encouraging, but not requiring, institutions to use the new Biosketch and Other Support format page templates until January 25, 2022. Per the original notice NOT-OD-21-073, these new formats were going to be required starting in May 2021.

Key changes and takeaways on the new formats include:

Biosketch Changes

Section A, Personal Statement

  • “including ongoing and completed research projects from the past three years that you wish to draw attention to (previously captured under Section D. Research Support)”
  • New: “Use of hyperlinks and URLs to cite these items is not allowed.” 

Section B, was “Positions and Honors”, now “Positions, Scientific Appointments and Honors”

  • List in reverse chronological order, previously chronological

Section C, Contributions to Science

  • New: “Use of hyperlinks and URLs to cite these items is not allowed.” 

Section D, Scholastic Performance

  • “Research Support” has been removed, so for PIs and faculty there will be no Section D anymore
  • Scholastic Performance required for:
    • Grad student and postdoc fellowship applicants
    • R36 dissertation research grants applicants
    • Diversity supplement applicants

Other Support Changes

The Other Support definition includes all resources made available to a researcher in support of and/or related to all of their research endeavors, regardless of whether or not they have monetary value and regardless of whether they are based at the institution the researcher identifies for the current grant.

The University is currently developing tools and guidance that will help faculty and departments more easily pull information to be able to comply with this requirement by January 2022, especially where faculty members are listed internally as Project Executives. 

New Format

  • Active
  • Pending
  • Completed (in the past three years) (new)
  • In Kind (active and pending) (new)
  • Overlap
  • Signature Block (must be signed and dated by the person) (new)

General Notes

  • Amounts are total award costs, not annual costs, not just direct costs
  • If subcontract or multi-project, should be total award amounts for PI’s sub only

Other Support does NOT include:

  • Gifts
  • Startup funds from the U
  • Core facilities or shared equipment
  • Returned F&A

Other Support DOES include:

  • Consulting agreements that involve research
  • Startup funds from external organizations (if the person has external appointments)
  • Postdocs or grad students who are supported by foreign university, foundation, or external entity
  • Private equity funding associated with SBIR/STTR
  • Any external to the U appointments or employment (research)
  • Research collaborations with “another scientist in the US, whose experiments  have directly benefited my research”
  • Foreign appointments or employment (must provide translated contracts) (review FAQ)

FAQ 20. If a PD/PI or other senior/key personnel is mentoring post-doc or graduate students who are individually funded through an outside institution) e.g. foundation or home university), does that need to be disclosed as an in-kind resource in Other Support?

  • If the post-doc or graduate student is performing research activities in support of the PD/PI or other senior/key personnel’s research endeavors, then their support must be reported as an in-kind resource. If the relationship is solely a mentor/mentee arrangement, with no research activities, then it is not a resource, and does not need to be reported.

“In Kind” definition

Other Support also includes in-kind contributions (such as office/laboratory space, equipment, supplies, or employees or students supported by an outside source). In-kind contributions do not constitute a ‘recipient share’ of the expenditures, and do not need to be included in the SF-425 FFR. 

  • If in-kind contributions are intended for use on the project being proposed to NIH in this application, the information must be included as part of the Facilities and Other Resources or Equipment section of the application and need not be replicated on this form.
  • In-kind contributions not intended for use on the project/proposal being proposed in this application must be reported below. If the time commitment or dollar value is not readily ascertainable, reasonable estimates should be provided. 


  • Researchers can list zero effort, but must provide estimated dollar value - effort and dollar value cannot both be zero
  • Includes materials received from collaborators that are uniquely available to the researcher

FAQ 30. What should I do if I’m not sure if something needs to be included as Other Support?

  • In the interest of full transparency, recipients should err on the side of disclosure. Researchers should consult with their institutional officials for guidance to ensure compliance with institutional and NIH policies. NIH requires complete and accurate reporting of all sources of research support, financial interests and affiliations, both foreign and domestic.


Last Updated: 12/1/22