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Revised Timeline for NIH Awards Assigned New Numbers

NIH Revising Implementation Timeline for New Reimbursement Process

According to Notice NOT-OD-14-103, NIH is extending the implementation timeline for the Payment Management System (PMS), previously announced in NOT-OD-13-120 and NOT-OD-14-093. The new deadline is October 1, 2015.

This will affect ongoing awards as they reach their annual renewal date. NIH describes this mechanism as breaking the single competitive segment into two shorter "competitive segments" during NIH FY16. 

Transition Overview

  • Transition for new awards is scheduled for October 1, 2013 (NIH FY14)
  • Transition for continuing awards is scheduled for October 1, 2015 (NIH FY16) 
    • Rolling transition based on award cycle
  • Awards that span NIH FY15 and FY16 will receive new NGAs for FY16
    • New award numbers
    • New projects set-up under this process will require requisitions and/or PO's be changed to indicate the new project number
    • Splits a single competitive segment into two shorter competitive segments
    • FFR due for final year of the first competitive segment
    • Non-Competing Continuations (Type 5 and Type 8) will be issued as Type 4 (funded extensions)**
    • Emphasis on timely grant closeout - within 90 days or risk PMS withholding payments
  • No changes to Progress Report due dates, submission or review
  • Competitive Revisions/Supplements (Type 3) will be issued under the same PMS Account as the parent award
  • Carryforward:
    • Carryforward funds will not be available in the G-Account until the FFR is filed
    • If the original award has automatic carryforward, the unobligated balance reported on the FFR will be authorized in the PMS (balances over 25% still need to be reviewed by GMO before being authorized)
    • If the original award did not have automatic carryforward, prior approval will need to be obtained before funds are made available in the PMS

University Financial and Business Services (FBS) has posted notification regarding the Accounting Changes to DHHS Awards. New information on the transition and the administrative impact will be posted as it is released.

We will begin to see this change in Notices of Awards beginning October 1, 2015. Thank you for your cooperation as we make this necessary transition.


**Type 4 (extension of time and funds)

Type 5 (non-competing continuation)

Type 8 (change of NIH Institute for a non-competing record)

Last Updated: 12/1/22