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 COVID-19 Sponsor Guidance

Updates to sponsor and funding agency guidance regarding COVID-19 are maintained below. You'll find links to primary COVID-19 info pages as well as specific policy notifications for many of the university's major federal and non-federal funding sources.  

Last Update: 5/21/2021

Sponsor Guidance



Air Force

Potential Contract Impacts due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Subject to Change (3/17/20) 

Guidance on No Cost Extensions (3/26/20)

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 

Information for CDC Applicants and Recipients of CDC Funding (3/23/20)

Updated Flexibilities Guidance for Applicants and Recipients of Federal Financial Assistance Affected by COVID-19 (4/19/21)

General Funding and Grants Frequently Asked Questions (3/23/20)


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for DARPA Performers (3/19/20)

Department of Defense (DOD)

Frequently Asked Questions for DOD Research Proposers and Awardees Impacted by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (3/24/20)

Department of Health & Human Services 

Preparation for Potential COVID-19 Impact on Contract and Contractor Performance (3/14/20)

Administration for Children & Families 

COVID-19 Update from ACF (3/31/20)

Info Memo: IM-ACF-OA-2020-01 (3/30/20)

Department of Energy

Coronavirus Hub

ARPA-E Actions Owing to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (4/3/20)

DOE EERE Message Regarding COVID-19 (3/27/20)

Accommodating Interruptions from Coronavirus Disease 2019 (3/13/20)

Message to Grantees about WAP Questions Related to COVID-19

Department of Labor

Coronavirus Resources 

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

FDA Guidance on Conduct of Clinical Trials of Medical Products during COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 Grantee Frequently Asked Questions (3/23/20)


Memo to Contractors (Guidance Sent to Contractors, Subject to Change, 3/24/20)

COVID-19 Impact to NASA SBIR/STTR Program (3/20/20)

Coronavirus Information: Message to NASA Contractors - Assistant Administrator for Procurement Message on Coronavirus (3/10/20)

National Endowment for the Arts

FAQs and Information for Applicants and Grantees in response to COVID-19


Guidance Regarding American Rescue Plan Disaster Relief Flexibilities to Reduce Burden for Financial Assistance (5/21/2021)

National Security Agency (NSA)

Notice to Contractors Regarding COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Update – Re-Release with Downgraded Classification

Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Coronavirus Assistance and Acquisition-Related Information and Resources

Office of Justice Programs

Grantee Update #2: Guidance on Short Term Administrative Relief for Grantees Impacted by COVID-19 (3/21/20)


COVID-19 Information for SAMHSA Discretionary Grant Recipients (3/24/20)

FAQ Related to COVID-19 for SAMHSA Grant Recipients (3/24/20)


Memorandum authorizing COVID 19 flexibilities pursuant to OMB Memorandum M-20-17 (3/27/20)

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture

NIFA Deadline Extensions due to COVID-19

United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity

USAMRAA’s COVID-19 FAQs (3/16/20)

USAMRAA’s Supplemental Guidance on Administrative Flexibilities for Grants and Cooperative Agreements in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic (3/25/20)

USAMRAA Animal Research Guidance (3/19/20)

FAQs on COVID-19's Impact to Human Subjects Research

State of Utah Department of Human Services 

DHS Provider COVID-19 FAQ

Policy Table by Major Federal Agency

Summary of Changes to Proposal Submission and Award Management Policy by Federal Agency

Agency (as of)

Proposal Deadline Flexibility*

Prior Approval Requirement Waived

Charging Idled Staff Salaries

Charging Non-Refundable Travel Costs

No-Cost Extension Allowance

Delayed Progress and Financial Reports

NIH (3/19/20)

NSF (4/19/20)

171838554 171838554

USDA (3/19/20)

171838554 171838554 171838554 171838554 171838554

DOE (4/1/20)

171838554 171838554

DOD (3/24/20)


 indicates agency has adjusted corresponding policies;   

Online Study Aids (by format) - Evidence 2019 - LMU Libraries ...indicates agency has not made changes to corresponding policy or has not issued updated guidance

*Please see individual sponsor notices for details on deadline flexibility. Some sponsors have extended deadlines for select funding opportunities while others have issued guidelines allowing extension requests to be determined by the program manager on a case by case basis.

Please also be aware that the University VPR has issued a helpful memo summarizing salary charging rules, which can be found here

Last Updated: 2/27/24