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OSP Metrics & Data

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, the University of Utah received over $602 million in new awards for sponsored activities and shatters last year's previous record for sponsored projects.

Overall Sponsored Project Awards

overall awards FY20

This years total of $602,596,946 represents an increase in total award funding of approximately $54.4 million over last year.

Overall growth since 2014 reflects the continued efforts of a growing body of investigators and the support of numerous faculty and staff.

Proposals and Awards

proposals and awards FY20

OSP submitted 3,267 applications and received 2,853 awards in FY2020.

In 2020, as in most years, each Sponsored Project Officer reviewed approximately 225 applications and negotiated 220 new awards in addition to administering an existing workload, on average, of more than 200 projects.

Sponsored Activity Funding by Source

Sources FY20

The largest sponsor of research at the University is the federal government, which accounted for just over $400.6 million of awards received in the last fiscal year. This represents an increase of over $40 million from FY2019. 

The second largest sponsor was private industry, which accounted for $74.1 million. This represents a decrease of approximately $5 million over last year, and 19% of the total research funding.

Sponsored Project Funds by Federal Agency

by agency FY20

Our largest federal sponsor is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In FY2020, we received approximately $261 million in prime funding from DHHS. The Department of Energy (DOE) provided $55 million in prime funding and was the second largest federal sponsor in 2020.

For more sponsored project data and comparisons by administering department or college, please review the monthly trustee reports compiled and published by OSP.


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