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NIH Transfer Process

The NIH Change of Grantee Institution Policy requires that a transfer application be submitted through the new institution. This application will receive administrative review to determine if the transfer is appropriate and to determine the level of NIH funding. The decision to authorize transfer of the grant will be based upon the following information:

  1. The project has been relinquished by the institution
  2. The facilities and resources at the new location allow for the successful performance of the project
  3. The PI plans no significant change in research objectives and level of expenditures from those described in the previously approved project.

In addition, if a mentor (i.e. K-series) or an "expert" (i.e. some R03s) is required by the conditions of the award, then that individual at the new institution must be identified and indicate his/her willingness to accept the grantee. NIH must approve this mentor. If the proposed change of institution does not meet these criteria, competitive review will be required.

A change of grantee that involves the transfer of a grant to or between a foreign institution or international organization must also be approved by the appropriate NIH Institute or Center's Advisory Council or Board.

A grant to an individual may not be transferred. However an individual fellowship may be transferred to a new institution. The transfer process will be the same as for a change a change of grantee organization. A Change in an individual fellow's department or sponsor within the same organization is not considered a change of grantee organization.

To request continued support at a new institution and to accomplish closeout at the exiting institution, the following should be prepared by the exiting department and must be submitted to NIH from the Office of Sponsored Projects (or equivalent) within the original grantee institution:

The PI transferring should coordinate with the new institution to provide the following to NIH:

  • Form PHS 398, Grant Application: The new institution must submit an application with "CHANGE OF GRANTEE INSTITUTION" typed in capital letters across the top of the front page. This application must contain the following information:
  • A description of the facilities at the new institution and the probable effect of the move on the project.
  • A detailed budget for the initial (transfer) budget period and, when future commitments exist, categorical budgets for those periods. Each budget should be based upon the previously recommended level(s). In the event of a mid-budget period transfer, the initial budget should be based upon the direct costs being relinquished by the exiting institution as reflected on Form PHS 3734.
  • A list of equipment (which was purchased in whole or in part with grant funds and had an acquisition cost of $1,000 or more) to be transferred from the exiting institution. Such a listing in the application represents the new institution's acceptance of title to the transferred equipment.
  • A progress report that will serve in lieu of a final progress report for the exiting institution.
  • A statement concerning the current research plan and an indication of whether the original plan has changed. If changed, provide appropriate details.
  • Biographical sketches of all new professional personnel to be associated with the project.
  • Other support pages for all key personnel.
  • Special justification when requesting the transfer of a budget period with less than 6 months remaining.

Applications should be submitted as early as possible to allow for administrative review at the exiting institution, the new institution and NIH to avoid delay in transferring the grant.

The new institution will need to submit this application to the NIH.

Last Updated: 12/1/22