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NSF Fastlane/ Access


Obtain a National Science Foundation (NSF) Fastlane account to maintain compliance with applicable federal agency requirements and University of Utah requirements.


Principal Investigators (PIs) or their designees applying for or managing NSF grants.


  1. To obtain a new NSF Fastlane and Account or Add a New Role, users now register themselves by following the steps outlined in the detailed registration process. You can also watch the Register for an NSF Account video.
  2. To affiliate an existing Fastlane account with Utah, users can add roles at a new organization to your existing NSF account. See Working at Multiple Organizations or Moving to Another Organization in the registration process.

OSP will need to approve your role in We recommend that you contact your Sponsored Projects Officer and let him/her know that you have made the request and it is now pending OSP approval.

NOTE: Organizational or Financial roles will not be authorized for most users.

  • Departments administrators should only every request the Other Authorized User (OAU) role.
  • Faculty should only ever request an Investigator role.

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Last Updated: 4/18/19