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2. Directorates and Program Areas

We encourage you to find out which program supports your research area by looking over the agency's website to determine which Directorate represents the best fit for your expertise and interests. Multi-disciplinary proposals may require selection of more than one Directorate/Program.

NSF makes the abstracts of all funded proposals available. The Award Abstracts Database lets you see in which directorate and division your program belongs. Also, consider becoming an NSF panel reviewer. It's an important service and is the best way to see first hand what reviewer's look for.   

NSF Directorates

Other Program Areas

Program Contacts

Specific contacts by Directorate and program can be found here.

Please discuss expectations and approaches best suited to the particular discipline and NSF program, expected proposal budget limits and other areas with the NSF program officer. Have a summary of your proposed CAREER project prepared before this conversation. 

Read more in Advice for Contacting Your Program Officer.

Last Updated: 4/27/18