Complete the Grant Application Package

Once you have downloaded an application package, complete the application offline. Save changes to your application as you go; changes are not automatically saved. The package cannot be considered complete until all required fields have been filled in.

Use the specific application package and instructions linked to each funding opportunity announcement (FOA) or program announcement (PA). Never reuse grant application packages. Download a fresh copy each time you apply. Sample application packages cannot be used to apply to any FOA or PA.

To open a form, you will need to move it from Mandatory Documents to Mandatory Documents for Submission.

  • Click on a form under Mandatory Documents
  • Click on the => button to move the form over to Mandatory Documents for Submission
  • Click on the form under Mandatory Documents for Submission again to select it
  • Click the Open Form button to open the form

Mandatory Documents

  1. Locate the SF424 R&R on the grant application package, complete all mandatory fields required by and the specific agency you are applying to. Don't leave mandatory fields blank – type "N/A" or "0."
  2. Choose an Application Filing Name consisting of PI last name and DSS number (for example: Smith #10016181) without any spaces.
  3. Move each form under "Mandatory Documents" over to the "Mandatory Documents for Submission" box and complete all of them.
  4. Save frequently while you are working on the forms and format according to agency's specifications. Print each page as you complete it. Use the "print page" button at the top of each page. Once all forms are completed and the application is saved, select the "Check Package for Errors" button. Convert all forms to PDF format before attaching them to the application package.

    Please note: File attachment names cannot be longer than 50 characters and cannot have any special characters (example: -, &, *, %, /, #) or spaces. If you need to have a space in the file name, use the underscore (example: my_attached_file.pdf).

  5. DO NOT select the "Save & Submit" button. Only the Authorized Business Official, which is your Sponsored Projects Officer, is allowed to submit the proposal.

If you're having problems completing the package, view's Frequently Asked Questions.

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