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Commercialization - Translational Research

The PIVOT (Partners for Innovation, Ventures, Outreach & Technology) Center is the best resource for commercialization at the University.

Pivot Search

An up-to-date comprehensive list of commercialization opportunities can be found through a Pivot search (not the same as the PIVOT Center). Some of those opportunities are also mentioned here:

  • DOD Airforce
  • NSF Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI)

    is a program that seeks to stimulate collaboration between academic research institutions and industry. It requires the participation of an industrial partner.

    Starting Jan 30th, 2017 GOALI program changed significantly and now offers two separate options:

    • A GOALI proposal - must be submitted to an active NSF funding opportunity and must be submitted in accordance with the deadlines specified therein.
    • A GOALI supplemental funding - adds GOALI elements to a currently funded NSF research project.

    GOALI proposals should focus on research that addresses shared interests by academic researchers and industrial partners. The proposed research should be transformative, beneficial to industry, and include the collaboration between academic and industrial partners. The proposals should advance scientific and engineering foundations to enable future breakthrough technologies with the potential to address critical industry needs.

  • Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP)

Engineering R&D Contracts for Bid Search Engines

Federal Contracts

State Contracts

General Sites for Information

Last Updated: 4/28/21