Roles & Responsibilities

1.1 Office of the Vice-President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research administers support for research and scholarly/creative work within the university community. This support includes responsibilities for:

  • Extramural and intramural funding of scholarship. Externally supported research and sponsored programs form a significant part of the academic enterprise at the University of Utah. The Vice- President for Research administers all intramural funding programs as well.
  • All pertinent federal mandates and guidelines related to support of research programs.
  • Necessary infrastructure relevant to the administration of research and scholarly activities. Organizations reporting to the Vice-President for Research are responsible for:
    • Assisting faculty in identifying and obtaining funding for research, training and scholarly activities;
    • Assisting faculty in proposal and pre-award processing;
    • Assuring that all research applications, awards and activities comply with University policy;
    • Managing approved cost-sharing arrangements on grants and contracts; and
    • Assuring University compliance with federal research regulations.
Last Updated: 11/14/16