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PURE Experts (previously SciVal Experts)

PURE Experts -University of Utah Research Profiles is an expertise profiling and research networking tool that makes it easier for researchers and administrators to find expertise and enable collaboration with the University and across institutions by creating profiles for our funded faculty members. Pre-populated with publication histories from the Scopus abstract and citation database, this data is manually reviewed to ensure our researcher's profiles are precise and up-to-date. PURE Experts also produces a visual semantic index, or Fingerprint, of relevant concepts that instantly reveals each researcher's distinctive expertise, and uses this information to expose valuable connections between faculty members.

PURE Experts enables researchers to:

  • Browse profiles or search by concept, last name or free text to identify collaborators for grant teams, learn about new journals in their field and discover articles to read
  • View researchers' Fingerprints, publication histories and co-author networks to explore their unique expertise as well as their connections to other faculty members and institutions
  • Track and update their profile information to keep their publication histories current and visible
  • Expand their research reach by searching across the PURE Experts Community that connects users to research across PURE Experts institutions, and the DIRECT2 experts network that links users to researchers at organizations with other profile systems

PURE Experts can also help administrators assist researchers connect with other experts to form multidisciplinary teams, introduce new faculty members to potential collaborators and access up-to-date publication lists by researcher and department. Students can use PURE Experts to find mentors, discover articles to read and explore research areas.

PURE Experts Training

How do I navigate and update my profile?

Learn how to search by last name, access your list of publications and review your unique research Fingerprint.

How can I find experts in a specific concept within my institution?

Easily identify collaborators or mentors within your institituion by searching by concept of interest.

How do I use the Funding Discovery module?

The Funding Discovery module allows you to search for funding opportunities or receive targeted recommendations from SciVal Funding based on your profile, as well as receive potential collaborators suggestions.

PURE Funding Discovery Module Instructions (PDF)

Last Updated: 5/30/17